We are full of gratitude towards those who support DWRunning and are proud to partner with the following companies and individuals. Their belief in DWRunning, support of our athletes and commitment to fitness allow us to keep pushing towards and achieving our goals.

DWRunning is interested in partnering with additional individuals and brands that share DWRunning's beliefs and have an unrelenting thirst for fitness, health and long-term athlete development. If you're interested in partnering with DWRunning, reach out via our Contact Form.

Brooks has it all - an energetic and supportive team, innovative and functional gear, and comfortable and high-performing footwear. As a running-specific brand, they are in tune with what is important to runners who are trying to get the most out of themselves as possible. With a vision we believe in and a focus on getting runners to #runhappy, we are honored to push our limits alongside Brooks!

The Naperville Running Company is a running specialty store, with three locations in the western suburbs of Chicago. In 2013, NRC was named Running Store of the Year by Competitor magazine, as a reflection of its superb customer service, knowledge, and commitment to the local running community. With a committed, passionate team and tremendous impact on the Chicago running community, we couldn't be prouder to partner with NRC!

ma is a sports gel company that makes a wide variety of delicious and nutritious chia and fruit based energy gels. Hüma uses high quality, easily digestible ingredients that help to enhance runners' performance without using superfluous add-ins. Whether you've had fueling troubles during marathons in the past or are just looking for a tasty gel, you MUST try Hüma!

Nuun is a hydration company that makes dissolvable tablets that are packed with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Nuun helps athletes stay hydrated before, during and after their workouts without using a ton of superfluous add-ins! Their tablets are super tasty and help maximize performance and recovery. Nuun is also a great all-around company, committed to enacting positive change and giving back to the community. If you've ever had problems with traditional sports drinks or are looking for extra ways to get vitamins throughout your day, Nuun is for you! 

RXBAR is a Chicago-based company that makes delicious protein bars full of whole foods and without the extra flavorings and other additives you'll find in most other protein bars. Post-workout and even just as a snack, RXBARs are a GREAT way to refuel and ensure your body has the tools it needs to recover effectively and realize the gains of the hard effort you just completed.

Goose Island Beer Company is a Chicago-based award-winning craft beer company that has exploded in size and popularity in recent years. Goose Island prides themselves in creating a wide range of classic and innovative beers so that there’s a beer for everyone. As a team that preaches finding a balance of working and playing hard, we couldn’t be more excited to have a partner that supports this culture and encourages us to celebrate our accomplishments regularly.

Dr. Ryan Verchota - DWRunning

Dr. Ryan Verchota D.C, A.R.T, RKC, is a Chicago-based sports chiropractic physician that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of athletic injuries. He has worked with professional and elite athletes as well as amateurs and weekend warriors. Dr. Ryan is a former collegiate soccer player and currently plays soccer in various leagues as well as competes in running and triathlon endurance events. He uses various Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Manual Therapy methods and holds certifications in Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Dry Needling, NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy), Russian Kettlebell Training, and Chiropractic Manipulation in order to treat injuries as well as optimize athletic performance and prevent further injury.

Chicago Recovery Room is an athletic training room and physical therapy facility equipped with state-of-the-art post-workout recovery tools and skilled professionals who help speed up recovery and keep runners training and performing at their best. CRR plays an integral part in ensuring the health and success of DWRunning’s athletes.

Allison Koch - DWRunning

Allison Koch is a licensed Chicago-based dietitian (and also a kick-ass member of DWRunning) with an abundance of knowledge on what it takes to fuel and recover while training at a high level. She offers individual nutrition counseling/education, meal plan development and private cooking sessions and specializes in sports nutrition (especially for endurance athletes), weight loss/management and eating disorders.