"The idea of running 100 miles is daunting to say the least. There are so many questions that demand answers around training, nutrition, strength, and strategy before a single step is taken on race day - it can make getting to sleep at night an endurance sport in its own right. Ultramarathons are an exercise in logistics, and as I started out, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of information, warnings, and advice available on the internet. Then I found DWRunning.

From the very beginning, Dan helped me create an easy to follow strength and training protocol that worked perfectly with my daily schedule. I immediately felt better knowing that I no longer had to drink from the firehose of popular exercise physiology and could trust Dan to digest all the cutting edge information [and put it] into a clear plan for each day.

Standing on the starting line, I have never been more calm before the gun. I knew that there was absolutely nothing I could have done better to prepare for the race and it all comes back to Dan’s consistent positivity and ability to guide me through what could have been a terrifying ordeal. Twenty two hours later, Dan’s careful planning and training totally paid off and I crushed my goal by over two hours, winning my age group in the process. And the kicker? I was up and jogging around the next day.

Six months later, I got into the Western States 100 and immediately gave Dan a call. Over the next 190 days Dan took me from out-of-shape graduate student to nailing a new marathon PR (2:36), crushing the November Project record for the Harvard Stadium steps (17:58), and ultimately delivered me to the starting line in Auburn in what is undoubtedly the best shape of my life.

At the race, Dan personally crewed the first 93 miles, offering unfailing insight, support and enthusiasm through what proved to be a brutally hot day. Our cooling strategy held tough, my fitness persevered, and at mile 93, Dan stepped in to pace me for the final 7 miles. I was so well prepared, so mentally well coached that we ran essentially the entire way in. As a flatlander with a 60 hour/week job and almost no access to trials, Dan had done what seemed impossible - we finished in 17th place at 18:36. It was one of the proudest moments of my life and the highlight of my running career.

I can’t say enough about DWRunning and what having Dan as a coach has meant to me, both athletically and personally - I just count myself lucky that I got a seat on the train to greatness that is DWRunning!"