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Happy (almost) September all! Coach Dan Walters here and welcome to our first monthly team newsletter! I'm super excited to use this as a platform to share DWRunning Team news, the first installment of illustrations by our talented artist (and coach) Dan Kittaka, standout team race performances and upcoming events with you.

This past week I was watching an episode of Jerry Seinfeld's show "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" with Dave Chappelle.  I've only seen a few episodes but this one caught my eye since, well, Dave is the best.  Not only because he's a brilliant performer, joke writer and social commentator, but because he's fearless.  He understands that in order to go into uncharted waters on stage and get monster laughs, he needs to be willing to fail.  And not only willing to fail, but excited to fail, since this is where true growth lives.  This line from Dave about having a tough time on stage really showed that:

"I'm a real upside oriented guy.  If I start tanking, even if I'm bombing, THAT'S fun.  'Can I get out of this?'"

As we are all working towards big races this fall, we are all training HARD to get there.  With big training comes risk as we push ourselves harder than ever; some sessions will go great, others won't. If your goals are big enough, failure is not an anomaly, it is a given.  Everyone goes through it and it's part of the gig. What I really want all of us to aim for (this includes myself both as an athlete and coach) is that WHEN we're in the middle of a workout or race that on the surface isn't going well, to think "can I get out of this?" and "how can I learn from this and what silver linings can I find?".  Not after the fact, but right then and there, right in the middle of the struggle.  Can you run with good form? Can you control your breathing? Work on hydration/fueling? Work on staying positive and becoming tougher? Can you compete hard with those around you? Re-frame your thinking so you're always on offense, always willing to learn and embrace the hand you've been dealt!

Team News

  • We've started up Workout Wednesdays on Instagram where we'll be featuring a new DWRunner's workout each week!
  • For those racing Indy Monumental, please record your plans in this Google doc
  • Available the Friday/Saturday of Chicago Marathon weekend? We need volunteers for the expo - email Allie if you're free!
  • NRC accidentally gave us a 5% smaller discount on Brooks items at our NRC/Brooks day in July. They've given us some Brooks goodies to make up for it - see Allie at a LR if you made a Brooks purchase that day!

An Illustration by Coach Dan Kittaka

"Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach, OR - July 13th, 2018". The described run can be seen here.

Coach Dan Kittaka Illustrations - Sept 2018 DWRunning Newsletter
These tenacious trees reminded me of the saplings we plant each day in our fitness forests. They bear evidence of the winds off the Pacific while still standing tall and proud. After completing this sketch, I added to my own fitness forest by running on the neighboring Lewis and Clark trail.
— Coach Dan Kittaka

August Race Results

Updates to the DWR Top 10 Lists (Men / Women):

  • Men's 5k:
    • Chris Porst - Burgers & Beer 5k - 16:47 (PR!)
  • Men's 10k:
    • Alex Weems - BTN B1G 10k - 38:21 (PR!)
  • Women's 10k:
    • Lauren Zumbach - BTN B1G 10k - 36:43 (PR!)
    • Erica van Heerden - BTN B1G 10k - 38:30 (PR!)

Personal bests:

  • Anando Naqui - Burgers & Beer 5k - 17:48
  • Sascha Edge - Burgers & Beer 5k - 17:56
  • Mischa Rihm - Burgers & Beer 5k - 18:48
  • Stephanie Miller - Burgers & Beer 5k - 19:23
  • Sam Greenwood - Burgers & Beer 5k - 19:24
  • Dave Alvarez - Burgers & Beer 5k - 19:50
  • Kate Ander - Stan's Donuts 5k - 20:55
  • Annie Conway - BTN B1G 10k - 46:03
  • Brett Joseph - BTN B1G 10k - 47:04
  • Laura Julien - BTN B1G 5k - 20:17
  • Sarah Koelln - Tunnel Vision Marathon - 3:25:37 (first time BQ!)

Race Wins:

  • Lauren Zumbach - Burgers & Beer 5k - 17:26
  • Bri Rohne - Bluff Tuff 35k - 3:08:02
  • Julie Crutchfield - Panda Bear Rail Trail Night Run HM - 1:30:47
DWRunning Burgers & Beer 2018

DWRunning Team

Things We're Vibing

Upcoming Events & Major Races

  • 8/31-9/3 - Ludington Team Camp
  • 9/1 - LR @ Waterfall Glen
  • 9/2 - Half Madness HM
  • 9/8 - LR @ Prairie Path
  • 9/15 - LR @ Busse Woods & bRUNch
  • 9/16 - Berlin Marathon, Fox Valley Marathon/HM
  • 9/22 - LR @ Waterfall Glen
  • 9/23 - Chicago HM
  • 9/29 - LR @ Salt Creek Trail

September Birthdays

  • 9/1 - Katie Dudek
  • 9/4 - Bess Ritter
  • 9/7 - Blake Renaud & Kurtis Conkel
  • 9/8 - Erica van Heerden & Laura Woodbeck
  • 9/10 - Valere Guertin
  • 9/18 - Meg Sullivan & Sam Greenwood
  • 9/19 - Kristina Aubert
  • 9/27 - Anthony Molinaro
  • 9/28 - Lauren Zumbach
  • 9/30 - Alex Nordin

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