Quote of the Month

"There is no avoiding pain, especially if you’re going after ambitious goals. Believe it or not, you are lucky to feel that kind of pain if you approach it correctly, because it is a signal that you need to find solutions so you can progress. If you can develop a reflexive reaction to physical pain that causes you to reflect on it rather than avoid it, it will lead to your rapid learning and evolving." - Ray Dalio

Coach's Corner

Happy October all! I'm so pumped up to be right in the thick of racing season. The Berlin Marathon crew got the ball rolling nicely; let's keep the pedal down!

I really like the above quote from Ray Dalio, and with the fall racing season upon us, it's a fantastic reminder of what's in store for us when we toe the line. All racers have similar doubts as race day approaches - "Am I ready for the challenge of race day? It's going to hurt a lot! Am I ready for that?" First, the answer is YES. Second, pain is often twisted into something bad. Something that means you're doing poorly. A feeling that should be avoided. However, the only way you are going to accomplish a goal (a PR, placing well, etc) is by going through pain. A lot of it. If you refuse to acknowledge RIGHT NOW that you will go through pain, you will not be prepared for it on race day and in the compromised mental state that accompanies late race fatigue, you will back off and give pain power over you. If instead you view pain as a GOOD thing (since on the other side of pain is success!), you will be ready for it. When pain comes, you will calmly identify it, embrace it, move it aside, and continue executing and competing.  

There is nothing wrong with pain.  It is supposed to be there and it actually lights the path towards victory.  Make sure you follow along!

Team News

  • We’ll be hosting our 4th annual DWRunning Ludington Team Camp Labor Day weekend 2019 - hold the date!

  • We’re hosting a post-Chicago Marathon party - come celebrate if you’re racing and come celebrate our racers if you aren’t! RSVP here.

  • Reminder that we have a team calendar accessible from the Team Portal or on Google Calendar (which you can add to your own calendar!)

  • We’re updating strength/GS routines and our Training Docs - if you have any feedback for us, submit it here!

  • Allie & Dan are volunteering at the Northern Illinois Food Bank November 7 and 14 from 1-3pm. Let one of us know if you want to join!

An Illustration by Coach Dan Kittaka

Refuge Les Mottets, - September 2018

Coach Dan Kittaka Illustrations - October 2018 - DWRunning
Welcome to Refuge Les Mottets, a remote hostel on the Tour du Mont Blanc. On the tour, it became routine to climb thousands of feet only to immediately unravel that work with a rapid and equal descent. Both the peaks and the valleys were fleeting reminders to find value and joy the in-between times. Not every run, race, or even training cycle will be a peak and, with perseverance, valleys will pass, too. Finding value and joy in the in-between has made running so rich for me and I hope the same for you.
— Coach Dan Kittaka

September Race Highlights

Updates to the DWR Top 10 Lists (Men / Women):

  • Men's 10k:

    • Ryan Jaskiewicz - Mag Mile 10k - 32:54 (PR!)

  • Women's HM:

    • Lauren Zumbach - Chicago HM - 1:18:21 (PR!)

    • Amanda Porter - Chicago HM - 1:23:54 (7 min PR!)

  • Women’s 50k:

    • Jess Bird - North Face Endurance Challenge WI 50k - 4:41:12 (PR and champ!)

DWRunning Alpine HM 2018

Personal bests:

  • Chris Porst - Half Madness HM - 1:18:25

  • Jess Vogl - Half Madness HM - 1:44:21

  • Gina Rumore - Labor Day 5k - 20:39

  • Anando Naqui - BQ.2 Marathon - 3:02:15 (BQ!)

  • Melissa Urban - Mag Mile 5k - 30:01

  • Katy Daker - Mag Mile 10k - 47:21

  • Malla Seljeseth - Naperville Trails HM - 1:59:02

  • Kwang-Youn Kim - Berlin Marathon - 3:11:57 (BQ!)

  • Rudy Valenta - Berlin Marathon - 3:16:13

    Moira Ryan - Chicago HM - 1:25:4

  • Lana Macnider-Lazaridis - Chicago HM - 1:26:09

  • Adrienne Eynon - Chicago HM - 1:28:08

  • Stephanie Miller - Chicago HM - 1:31:45

  • Katy Daker - Indy Women’s HM - 1:41:24

  • Malla Seljeseth - Bucktown 5k - 24:46

Race Wins:

  • Sean Gill - St. Pet's 5k - 18:43

DWRunning Chicago Half Marathon 2018

Age Group Wins

  • Chris Porst - Half Madness HM - 1:18:25

  • Curt Hansman - Half Madness HM - 2:10:07

  • Stacy Nigrelli - Gatorade Steelers 5k - 21:52

  • Dave Walters - Alpine HM - 1:21:58

  • Kim Weiss - Alpine HM - 1:27:50

  • Sean Gill - Naperville Trails HM - 1:25:33

  • Ryan Gooding - Race Judicata - 17:11

  • Stacy Nigrelli - Chicago HM - 1:37:46 (90% AG rating!!)

DWRunning Ludington Camp

Things We're Vibing

Upcoming Events & Major Races

  • 10/6 - LR @ Waterfall Glen

  • 10/7 - Chicago Marathon & post-race party @ Anando’s!

  • 10/13 - LR @ Busse Woods

  • 10/20 - LR @ Waterfall Glen & bRUNch

  • 10/25 - Fireside chat

  • 10/27 - LR @ Prairie Path

Check out the calendar (and add it to your own calendar!) here.

October Birthdays

  • 10/3 - Colleen Baker

  • 10/8 - Sarah Duffy & Sarah Koelln

  • 10/9 - Dan Walters & Declan McDonnell

  • 10/11 - Curt Hansman

  • 10/15 - Jess Bird

  • 10/18 - Damon King

  • 10/19 - Nimrod Gutman

  • 10/20 - Melissa Urban

  • 10/21 - Katy Daker

  • 10/25 - Julie Bruns

  • 10/30 - Aaron Agustin

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