Coach's Corner

By Coach Dan Walters

It's time for Dan's regular reminder that the weather is changing! We've already had some hot, sunny, sticky runs and we have a lot more on tap. BUT NO PITY PARTIES. It's time to embrace the heat and use it to jump a fitness level this summer!

Let's first understand what's happening inside our bodies when running in the heat.

During a hot run, our bodies use blood for three big tasks (amongst others): to bring heat generated deep within the body to the skin's surface, to transport oxygen from the lungs to the working muscle, and to transport waste away from the working muscle. Our blood has a lot to do when running in heat and in the end, it ends up doing these major tasks (dissipating heat and transporting material to/from muscle) at a mediocre level - just enough to keep us running and to keep us from (completely) overheating. However, do a few of these hot runs and our body starts to get the idea - it needs to do these tasks better. Our body adapts by increasing blood volume so that it can better cover all its bases.

Now, running is a bit more than just getting out and training in the heat. We still need to run for various distances and paces to logically work towards our goals. But we have to be flexible with these assignments on hot and humid days and instead of being attached to pace, we must run by perceived effort. Nothing is wrong and we are not getting out of shape when heat forces us to slow down! It's good to have loose paces in mind for harder efforts but we must understand what each run should FEEL like in case we must adjust due to heat. It's also crucial to know how to adjust your workout in the event that conditions are particularly extreme - should you lessen workout volume, pull back pace, add extra rest, etc? Work with your coach to understand this prior to diving in. Remember that working hard while being smart is what matters in the summer - your body will adapt to the heat and create that extra blood.

Well look at us with all this fancy extra blood. We certainly will feel stronger at the end of the summer than at the beginning, much in part due to that extra blood. And then when the temps start to drop in September and October, we have all this extra blood and not nearly as much heat to dissipate, meaning our blood can devote itself more completely to running! Boom, fitness jump.

So the next hot sweaty run you're on, adjust your game plan and forge on - your fall racing season will thank you!

Team News

  • DWRunning has adopted a mile along the Prairie Path - we’ll be picking up trash again after the 6/15 LR

  • We have two spots remaining for our Ludington team camp - if interested, sign up here

  • We’ve acquired discounts for some Chicagoland races:

An “Illustration” by Coach Dan Kittaka

Recently, I participated in a letterpress workshop titled “Mottos, Mantras, and Movable Type.” The first mantra that came to mind was this quote of Juma Ikangaa which my high school coach put in our summer training logs. Igankaa, a Tanzanian athlete, won the 1989 NYC Marathon in what was then a course record time of 2:08:01 and finished second in Boston three times (1988-1990). A summer of running in Chicago will temper and test your will to prepare. There may be days or weeks when your watch won’t show any improvement, but slowly by slowly you will be building the fitness to make winning a reality.
— Coach Dan Kittaka

May Race Highlights

Updates to the DWR Top 10 Lists (Men / Women):

Women’s 50M:

  • Bri Rohne - Ice Age 50M - 8:15:12 (debut & 3rd place!))

Men’s 50k:

  • Alex Nordin - Bunk House 50k - 5:19:02

Men’s 50M:

  • Connor Matheson - Ice Age 50M - 6:53:23 (2nd place & PR!!)

Personal Bests

  • Chris Porst - Flying Pig HM - 1:14:06 (3rd place!)

  • Jess Vogl - River Bank Run 25k - 1:59:10

  • Chris Porst - Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M - 18:00

  • Matt Stanesby - Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M - 18:54

  • Eric Cale - Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M - 19:10

  • Blake Renaud - Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M - 19:24

  • Anando Naqui - Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M - 20:51

  • Dan Kapinus - Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M - 24:10

  • Dan Kapinus - Soldier Field 10M - 1:18:53

  • Malla Seljeseth - Soldier Field 10M - 1:28:16

Top Placings & Age Group Wins

  • Erica van Heerden - Wisconsin HM - 1:29:51 (AG champ!)

  • Paul Erickson - Wisconsin Marathon - 2:56:23 - (AG champ & BQ!)

  • Bri Rohn - Go Spring 7.5k Trail Race - 35:25 (3rd place!)

  • Allison Koch - Quarryman 10M - 1:10:30 (2nd place!)

  • Kaitlyn Hartman - Mountain Laurel 5k - 20:59 (champ!)

  • Curt Hansman - Run for the Roses 5k - 27:21 (AG champ!)

  • Sascha Edge - Chicago Spring HM - 1:26:38 (AG champ!)

  • Yuki Hirao - Chicagoland Spring HM - 1:42:06 (AG champ!)

  • Kristina Aubert - Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M - 19:10 (Champ!)

  • Julia Buford - Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M - 21:00 (3rd place!)

  • Paul Graessle - Salute 5k - 19:35 (3rd place!)

  • Jess Sokolowski - Westmont Race to the Flag 5k - 20:39 (Champ!)

  • Curt Hansman - Tower Trot 5k & 10k - 33:50 & 1:00:48 (AG champ in both!)

  • Paul Erickson - Soldier Field 10M - 1:04:05 (AG champ!)

  • Jeannie Sullivan - Soldier Field 10M - 1:06:31 (AG champ!)

  • Dave Walters - Soldier Field 10M - 1:07:00 (AG champ!)

  • Amanda George - Soldier Field 10M - 1:09:15 (AG champ!)


Upcoming Events & Major Races

  • 6/1 - LR @ Busse Woods

  • 6/2 - DWRunning annual photoshoot!

  • 6/6 - Run & Fireside Chat

  • 6/8 - LR @ Waterfall Glen

  • 6/13 - Pint night @ Goose Island

  • 6/15 - LR & Prairie Path cleanup @ Prairie Path / Dan & Allie’s

  • 6/22 - No formal LR - team @ Grandma’s HM/Marathon

  • 6/29 - LR @ Swallow Cliff

Check out the calendar (and add it to your own calendar!) here.

June Birthdays

  • 6/2 - Danyelle Dron & Kyle Somerfield (twins!)

  • 6/5 - Jess Vogl

  • 6/8 - Allie Walters

  • 6/12 - Cam Rieger

  • 6/15 - Paul Kwak

  • 6/25 - Anando Naqui & Kwang-Youn Kim

  • 6/26 - Sean Gill

  • 6/27 - Amanda George

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