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“Geology is the study of pressure and time. That’s all it takes really... pressure... and time...” - Shawshank Redemption

Coach's Corner

By Coach Declan McDonnell

December is here, folks. It’s probably the best month during the worst season, which is a bit like the inflatable football field beer cooler I won at the family White Elephant last Christmas. I was pretty fired up at the time, but there wasn’t anyone handing out iPod videos either. That being said, now is the time to take advantage of the early season holiday cheer and roll right through those first few first sub zero days.

Every challenge brings opportunity, however, and there are two that come to mind with winter training - the first is a perk and the second is a habit to reinforce. The perk is that we don’t get to run in ideal conditions very often. It’s dark, there’s snow on the trail, we’re wearing more gear, and there’s somehow always a headwind from the north and south on the path. This can be useful! It means that it becomes that much more difficult to compare our present self to our past achievements. Learning to listen to your body and to understand your effort is so valuable. Our bodies adapt best when we learn how to stress it based on where we are today, not on where we have been in the past or where the GPS says we should be. Take advantage of the chance to put your head down and put in the work. When you look up again in the spring, you might surprise yourself.

The habit I challenge you to practice this winter is persistence. Persistence beats perfection any time of the year, but it’s something I have to remind myself more often during the winter months. Perfection is unsustainable, and often leads to a binary on/off mentality. This can manifest itself within a workout, or within a week of training. Just because you didn’t hit the times on the first few reps doesn’t mean you should skip the rest of the workout – refocus, reassess what’s attainable on that day, and achieve what you are capable of.  In the same vein, just because you skipped your run Monday and your mileage is off for the week doesn’t mean that the rest of the week is a loss – refocus, reassess what’s attainable, and get out there the next chance you get. 

Looking forward to getting some tough miles in this winter! 

Team News

An Illustration by Coach Dan Kittaka

Illinois Club Cross Country Championships, - November 2018

There is nothing quite like a cross country race! This past month, the ladies of DWRunning placed second at the Illinois Club Cross Country Championship.

Our next opportunity to race over hill and dale is at the 10th annual Daniel Burnham Open, January 20th, 2019. If you’re interested in participating, mark your calendar and talk to your coach! More details to follow!
— Coach Dan Kittaka
Coach Dan Kittaka Illustrations - December 2018 - DWRunning

November Race Highlights

Updates to the DWR Top 10 Lists (Men / Women):

  • Women’s Marathon:

    • Amanda Porter - Indy Monumental Marathon - 2:55:57 (PR!)

  • Men’s 5k:

    • Matt Thor - San Antonio Food Bank 5k - 15:55 (& 3rd place!)

  • Men’s Marathon:

    • Kyle Somerfield - Indy Monumental Marathon - 2:40:46 (PR!) (was on list briefly before Loren's race the next day!)

    • Loren Newman - Hangzhou Marathon - 2:36:47

Caleb Kadera & Chris McGarry Indy Marathon 2018 DWRunning


  • Lana Macnider-Lazaridis - Indy Monumental Marathon - 3:14:41

  • Yuki Hirao - Indy Monumental Marathon - 3:23:35

  • Alex Weems - NYC Marathon - 3:04:04

Personal bests:

  • Alex Nordin - Indy Monumental HM - 1:20:47

  • Moira Ryan - Indy Monumental HM - 1:24:23

  • Adrienne Eynon - Indy Monumental HM - 1:25:44

  • Brett Joseph - Indy Monumental HM - 1:42:48

  • Chris McGarry - Indy Monumental Marathon - 2:44:12

  • Caleb Kadera - Indy Monumental Marathon - 2:47:22

  • Dave Alvarez - Indy Monumental Marathon - 3:13:46

  • Maggie Jones - Indy Monumental Marathon - 3:24:03

  • Joanne Molinaro - Indy Monumental Marathon - 4:15:22

  • Jeannie Sullivan - Hot Chocolate 15k - 58:03 (3rd overall!)

  • Kwang-Youn Kim - Hot Chocolate 15k - 1:01:31

  • Molly Hill - Hot Chocolate 15k - 1:22:29

  • Laura Julien - NYC Marathon - 3:19:50

  • Rudy Valenta - Race to Deliver 4M - 25:26

  • Eric Cale - Mighty Gobler 5k - 16:56 (2nd place!)

    Katie Dudek - IA Turkey Trot 5k - 20:48 (female champ!)

  • Rudy Valenta - Prospect Park Turkey Trot 5M - 32:46

  • Jessica Sokolowski - Schaumburg Turkey Trot HM - 1:33:58 (& AG Win!)

Top Placings & Age Group Wins

  • Stacy Nigrelli - Indy Monumental Marathon - 3:26:58 (AG win + record!)

  • Brian Robertson - Tyranena Beer Run 1/6 Marathon - 25:49 (2nd overall!)

  • Jeannie Sullivan - IL Club XC Invitational - 19:12 (3rd overall!)

  • Katy Cranfill - Waco Turkey Trot - 20:38 (champion!)

  • Matt Stanesby - Batesville Turkey Trot 10k - 37:43 (champ!)

  • Jeannie Sullivan - Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5k - 18:47 (2nd place!)

  • Dan Kittaka - Flying Turkey 5k - 16:50 (3rd place!)

  • Stacy Nigrelli - PNC Turkey Trot 5M - 37:13 (AG champ!)

  • Adrienne Eynon - W&S Thanksgiving Day 10k - 39:39 (AG champ!)

  • Curt Hansman - Detroit Turkey Trot 10k - 54:58 (AG champ!)

  • Allie Walters - Naperville Turkey Trot 5k - 19:06 (AG champ!)

  • Christian Madridejos - Schaumburg Turkey Trot 5k - 18:49 (AG champ!)

DWRunning Chicago Mag AOY Nominees 2018


Upcoming Events & Major Races

  • 12/1 - LR @ Morton Arb

  • 12/8 - LR @ Busse Woods (weather permitting)

  • 12/15 - LR @ Algonquin / Huntington Hill

  • 12/15 - DWR Holiday Party @ Dan & Allie’s

  • 12/22 - LR @ Waterfall Glen (weather permitting)

Check out the calendar (and add it to your own calendar!) here.

DECEMBER Birthdays

  • 12/4 - Brian Lesiewicz

  • 12/5 - Ryan Jaskiewicz & Stephanie Miller

  • 12/21 - Eric Cale

  • 12/25 - Lana Macnider-Lazaridis

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