November 2018

November 2018

Quote of the Month

“We compete not for the sake of defeating others, but in order to bring forward our own capacity. Our best capacity comes forward only when there are other people around us. They inspire us to bring forward our utmost capacity, and we inspire them to bring forward their utmost capacity.” - Sri Chinmoy

Coach's Corner

By Coach Dan Kittaka


A few startled anglers crane their necks, not the least among them, a great blue heron who subsequently took flight, soaring over the source of the joyous cry, our teammate, Paul Graessle. This expression of excitement and joy was contagious. I found myself startled into another level of appreciation and celebration of the run.  

This moment reminds me of the importance of cultivating community highlighted in Brad Stulberg’s excellent piece “It's Okay to Be Good and Not Great.” If you haven’t read it yet, do so now! I’ve been ruminating on its map towards long-term success on a near daily basis since I first read it a few weeks ago. In the piece, Stulberg calls out the dangers of sacrificing community on the altar of productivity in our pursuit of success. He urges, “The extra effort it takes to regularly be with others ‘in real life’ is worth it.”

I’d like to address a couple stumbling blocks associated with this concept. First, you don’t need to have Paul-like levels of charisma or a certain level of success to contribute to the DWR community. None of us have “arrived” so let’s journey together. Second, while physical proximity is important, if you’re not local, that doesn’t automatically exclude you from benefitting from and contributing to our community. Let’s replace “in real life” with “real in life” whether local or not. Stulberg highlights that research has shown “the more you can bring your entire self to everything you do—the good, the bad, the sad, and the ugly—the better you’ll feel and the better you’ll be.”

Let’s keep getting better together!

Coach Dan Kittaka Illustrations - November 2018 - DWRunning

Team News

  • We’re having an inner-team “competition” to see who hits the team’s 500th PR! The person to do so will get a pair of shoes from NRC paid for by DWR!

  • We’re sending a group to the Illinois Club XC meet Nov 11 - if interested in joining, let Allie know!

  • We have a new partner, RXBAR! Check out details here.

  • We’re heading back to the Pettit Indoor Marathon Relay on Jan 26 for the 4th straight year. If interested, sign up here!

  • DWR is hosting a Self Defense Workshop with IMPACT Chicago Sat, Jan 5. The class is full but if you want to be on the wait list, let Allie know

  • DWRunning pom hats and winter headbands are back and for sale! $10 each - let Allie know if you’re interested!

  • We’re no longer able to offer Google Wallet as a payment method. See available payment methods here.

  • Welcome to the team assistant coach Shawn Lucas! Read more about Shawn here.

  • Workout Wednesdays will be on a break for the winter. Look for them to start back up in the spring!

October Race Highlights

Updates to the DWR Top 10 Lists (Men / Women):

  • Women's Marathon:

    • Erica van Heerden - Chicago Marathon - 2:57:40 (PR!)

  • Men’s Marathon:

    • Eric Cale - Chicago Marathon - 2:41:51 (PR!)

Race Wins:

  • Jess Bird - Glacial Trail 50k - 5:12

Age Group Wins / Top WMM Placings

  • Dave Walters - Chicago Marathon - 2:55:34 (2nd in AG!)

  • Sascha Edge - Carerra de los Muertos 5k - 18:24


Personal bests:

  • Laura Julien - Montgomery 10k - 41:57 (race win!)

  • Gina Rumore - Twin Cities 10k - 42:34 (AG champ!)

  • Sarah Koelln - Twin Cities 10M - 1:15:15

  • Chris Porst - Chicago Marathon - 2:43:10

  • Alex Weems - Chicago Marathon - 2:51:49

  • Sascha Edge - Chicago Marathon - 2:51:11

  • Connor Matheson - Chicago Marathon - 2:48:38

  • Dave Alvarez - Chicago Marathon - 3:14:19

  • Tim Maier - Chicago Marathon - 3:15:53

  • Kurtis Conkel - Chicago Marathon - 3:30:48

  • Katie Dudek - Chicago Marathon - 3:43:42

  • Aaron Agustin - Chicago Marathon - 3:48:08

  • Jess Vogl - Chicago Marathon - 3:49

  • Joanne Molinaro - Chicago Marathon - 4:25:04

  • Sarah Koelln - Halloween HM - 1:40:44

  • Sean Packard - Dublin Marathon - 3:42:55


  • Jess Bird - Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon - 3:19:26

  • Mark Catania - Chicago Marathon - 2:54:59

  • Brian Lesiewicz - Chicago Marathon - 2:53:30

  • Kyle Somerfield - Chicago Marathon 2:50:52

  • Amanda Porter - Chicago Marathon - 3:07:34

  • Kim Weiss - Chicago Marathon - 3:08:53

  • Katelyn Draths - Chicago Marathon - 3:13:46

  • Meg Sullivan - Chicago Marathon - 3:23:53

  • Sam Greenwood - Chicago Marathon - 3:24:32

  • Yuki Hirao - Chicago Marathon - 3:30:46

  • Blake Renaud - Marine Corps Marathon - 2:54:39 (debut!)

DWRunning Chicago Marathoners

Upcoming Events & Major Races

  • 11/3 - Indy Monumental Marathon & HM + post-race party

  • 11/10 - LR @ Morton Arboretum

  • 11/17 - LR @ Waterfall Glen + bRUNch

Check out the calendar (and add it to your own calendar!) here.

November Birthdays

  • 11/4 - Alex Miller

  • 11/5 - Kate Ander

  • 11/8 - Annie Conway

  • 11/22 - Laura Julien & Morgan Lesiewicz

  • 11/29 - Rich Calvario

  • 11/30 - Larry Kravets

Meet the Newest DWRunners!

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October 2018

October 2018

Quote of the Month

"There is no avoiding pain, especially if you’re going after ambitious goals. Believe it or not, you are lucky to feel that kind of pain if you approach it correctly, because it is a signal that you need to find solutions so you can progress. If you can develop a reflexive reaction to physical pain that causes you to reflect on it rather than avoid it, it will lead to your rapid learning and evolving." - Ray Dalio

Coach's Corner

Happy October all! I'm so pumped up to be right in the thick of racing season. The Berlin Marathon crew got the ball rolling nicely; let's keep the pedal down!

I really like the above quote from Ray Dalio, and with the fall racing season upon us, it's a fantastic reminder of what's in store for us when we toe the line. All racers have similar doubts as race day approaches - "Am I ready for the challenge of race day? It's going to hurt a lot! Am I ready for that?" First, the answer is YES. Second, pain is often twisted into something bad. Something that means you're doing poorly. A feeling that should be avoided. However, the only way you are going to accomplish a goal (a PR, placing well, etc) is by going through pain. A lot of it. If you refuse to acknowledge RIGHT NOW that you will go through pain, you will not be prepared for it on race day and in the compromised mental state that accompanies late race fatigue, you will back off and give pain power over you. If instead you view pain as a GOOD thing (since on the other side of pain is success!), you will be ready for it. When pain comes, you will calmly identify it, embrace it, move it aside, and continue executing and competing.  

There is nothing wrong with pain.  It is supposed to be there and it actually lights the path towards victory.  Make sure you follow along!

Team News

  • We’ll be hosting our 4th annual DWRunning Ludington Team Camp Labor Day weekend 2019 - hold the date!

  • We’re hosting a post-Chicago Marathon party - come celebrate if you’re racing and come celebrate our racers if you aren’t! RSVP here.

  • Reminder that we have a team calendar accessible from the Team Portal or on Google Calendar (which you can add to your own calendar!)

  • We’re updating strength/GS routines and our Training Docs - if you have any feedback for us, submit it here!

  • Allie & Dan are volunteering at the Northern Illinois Food Bank November 7 and 14 from 1-3pm. Let one of us know if you want to join!

An Illustration by Coach Dan Kittaka

Refuge Les Mottets, - September 2018

Coach Dan Kittaka Illustrations - October 2018 - DWRunning
Welcome to Refuge Les Mottets, a remote hostel on the Tour du Mont Blanc. On the tour, it became routine to climb thousands of feet only to immediately unravel that work with a rapid and equal descent. Both the peaks and the valleys were fleeting reminders to find value and joy the in-between times. Not every run, race, or even training cycle will be a peak and, with perseverance, valleys will pass, too. Finding value and joy in the in-between has made running so rich for me and I hope the same for you.
— Coach Dan Kittaka

September Race Highlights

Updates to the DWR Top 10 Lists (Men / Women):

  • Men's 10k:

    • Ryan Jaskiewicz - Mag Mile 10k - 32:54 (PR!)

  • Women's HM:

    • Lauren Zumbach - Chicago HM - 1:18:21 (PR!)

    • Amanda Porter - Chicago HM - 1:23:54 (7 min PR!)

  • Women’s 50k:

    • Jess Bird - North Face Endurance Challenge WI 50k - 4:41:12 (PR and champ!)

DWRunning Alpine HM 2018

Personal bests:

  • Chris Porst - Half Madness HM - 1:18:25

  • Jess Vogl - Half Madness HM - 1:44:21

  • Gina Rumore - Labor Day 5k - 20:39

  • Anando Naqui - BQ.2 Marathon - 3:02:15 (BQ!)

  • Melissa Urban - Mag Mile 5k - 30:01

  • Katy Daker - Mag Mile 10k - 47:21

  • Malla Seljeseth - Naperville Trails HM - 1:59:02

  • Kwang-Youn Kim - Berlin Marathon - 3:11:57 (BQ!)

  • Rudy Valenta - Berlin Marathon - 3:16:13

    Moira Ryan - Chicago HM - 1:25:4

  • Lana Macnider-Lazaridis - Chicago HM - 1:26:09

  • Adrienne Eynon - Chicago HM - 1:28:08

  • Stephanie Miller - Chicago HM - 1:31:45

  • Katy Daker - Indy Women’s HM - 1:41:24

  • Malla Seljeseth - Bucktown 5k - 24:46

Race Wins:

  • Sean Gill - St. Pet's 5k - 18:43

DWRunning Chicago Half Marathon 2018

Age Group Wins

  • Chris Porst - Half Madness HM - 1:18:25

  • Curt Hansman - Half Madness HM - 2:10:07

  • Stacy Nigrelli - Gatorade Steelers 5k - 21:52

  • Dave Walters - Alpine HM - 1:21:58

  • Kim Weiss - Alpine HM - 1:27:50

  • Sean Gill - Naperville Trails HM - 1:25:33

  • Ryan Gooding - Race Judicata - 17:11

  • Stacy Nigrelli - Chicago HM - 1:37:46 (90% AG rating!!)

DWRunning Ludington Camp

Things We're Vibing

Upcoming Events & Major Races

  • 10/6 - LR @ Waterfall Glen

  • 10/7 - Chicago Marathon & post-race party @ Anando’s!

  • 10/13 - LR @ Busse Woods

  • 10/20 - LR @ Waterfall Glen & bRUNch

  • 10/25 - Fireside chat

  • 10/27 - LR @ Prairie Path

Check out the calendar (and add it to your own calendar!) here.

October Birthdays

  • 10/3 - Colleen Baker

  • 10/8 - Sarah Duffy & Sarah Koelln

  • 10/9 - Dan Walters & Declan McDonnell

  • 10/11 - Curt Hansman

  • 10/15 - Jess Bird

  • 10/18 - Damon King

  • 10/19 - Nimrod Gutman

  • 10/20 - Melissa Urban

  • 10/21 - Katy Daker

  • 10/25 - Julie Bruns

  • 10/30 - Aaron Agustin

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September 2018

September 2018

Coach's Corner

Happy (almost) September all! Coach Dan Walters here and welcome to our first monthly team newsletter! I'm super excited to use this as a platform to share DWRunning Team news, the first installment of illustrations by our talented artist (and coach) Dan Kittaka, standout team race performances and upcoming events with you.

This past week I was watching an episode of Jerry Seinfeld's show "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" with Dave Chappelle.  I've only seen a few episodes but this one caught my eye since, well, Dave is the best.  Not only because he's a brilliant performer, joke writer and social commentator, but because he's fearless.  He understands that in order to go into uncharted waters on stage and get monster laughs, he needs to be willing to fail.  And not only willing to fail, but excited to fail, since this is where true growth lives.  This line from Dave about having a tough time on stage really showed that:

"I'm a real upside oriented guy.  If I start tanking, even if I'm bombing, THAT'S fun.  'Can I get out of this?'"

As we are all working towards big races this fall, we are all training HARD to get there.  With big training comes risk as we push ourselves harder than ever; some sessions will go great, others won't. If your goals are big enough, failure is not an anomaly, it is a given.  Everyone goes through it and it's part of the gig. What I really want all of us to aim for (this includes myself both as an athlete and coach) is that WHEN we're in the middle of a workout or race that on the surface isn't going well, to think "can I get out of this?" and "how can I learn from this and what silver linings can I find?".  Not after the fact, but right then and there, right in the middle of the struggle.  Can you run with good form? Can you control your breathing? Work on hydration/fueling? Work on staying positive and becoming tougher? Can you compete hard with those around you? Re-frame your thinking so you're always on offense, always willing to learn and embrace the hand you've been dealt!

Team News

  • We've started up Workout Wednesdays on Instagram where we'll be featuring a new DWRunner's workout each week!
  • For those racing Indy Monumental, please record your plans in this Google doc
  • Available the Friday/Saturday of Chicago Marathon weekend? We need volunteers for the expo - email Allie if you're free!
  • NRC accidentally gave us a 5% smaller discount on Brooks items at our NRC/Brooks day in July. They've given us some Brooks goodies to make up for it - see Allie at a LR if you made a Brooks purchase that day!

An Illustration by Coach Dan Kittaka

"Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach, OR - July 13th, 2018". The described run can be seen here.

Coach Dan Kittaka Illustrations - Sept 2018 DWRunning Newsletter
These tenacious trees reminded me of the saplings we plant each day in our fitness forests. They bear evidence of the winds off the Pacific while still standing tall and proud. After completing this sketch, I added to my own fitness forest by running on the neighboring Lewis and Clark trail.
— Coach Dan Kittaka

August Race Results

Updates to the DWR Top 10 Lists (Men / Women):

  • Men's 5k:
    • Chris Porst - Burgers & Beer 5k - 16:47 (PR!)
  • Men's 10k:
    • Alex Weems - BTN B1G 10k - 38:21 (PR!)
  • Women's 10k:
    • Lauren Zumbach - BTN B1G 10k - 36:43 (PR!)
    • Erica van Heerden - BTN B1G 10k - 38:30 (PR!)

Personal bests:

  • Anando Naqui - Burgers & Beer 5k - 17:48
  • Sascha Edge - Burgers & Beer 5k - 17:56
  • Mischa Rihm - Burgers & Beer 5k - 18:48
  • Stephanie Miller - Burgers & Beer 5k - 19:23
  • Sam Greenwood - Burgers & Beer 5k - 19:24
  • Dave Alvarez - Burgers & Beer 5k - 19:50
  • Kate Ander - Stan's Donuts 5k - 20:55
  • Annie Conway - BTN B1G 10k - 46:03
  • Brett Joseph - BTN B1G 10k - 47:04
  • Laura Julien - BTN B1G 5k - 20:17
  • Sarah Koelln - Tunnel Vision Marathon - 3:25:37 (first time BQ!)

Race Wins:

  • Lauren Zumbach - Burgers & Beer 5k - 17:26
  • Bri Rohne - Bluff Tuff 35k - 3:08:02
  • Julie Crutchfield - Panda Bear Rail Trail Night Run HM - 1:30:47
DWRunning Burgers & Beer 2018

DWRunning Team

Things We're Vibing

Upcoming Events & Major Races

  • 8/31-9/3 - Ludington Team Camp
  • 9/1 - LR @ Waterfall Glen
  • 9/2 - Half Madness HM
  • 9/8 - LR @ Prairie Path
  • 9/15 - LR @ Busse Woods & bRUNch
  • 9/16 - Berlin Marathon, Fox Valley Marathon/HM
  • 9/22 - LR @ Waterfall Glen
  • 9/23 - Chicago HM
  • 9/29 - LR @ Salt Creek Trail

September Birthdays

  • 9/1 - Katie Dudek
  • 9/4 - Bess Ritter
  • 9/7 - Blake Renaud & Kurtis Conkel
  • 9/8 - Erica van Heerden & Laura Woodbeck
  • 9/10 - Valere Guertin
  • 9/18 - Meg Sullivan & Sam Greenwood
  • 9/19 - Kristina Aubert
  • 9/27 - Anthony Molinaro
  • 9/28 - Lauren Zumbach
  • 9/30 - Alex Nordin

Meet the Newest DWRunners!

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