Sergio is also a member of the 3RUN2 Racing Team

Sergio is also a member of the 3RUN2 Racing Team

DWRunning Tenure:

Joined in June 2019


Mile: 4:52, 5k: 17:14, Half Marathon: 1:21:50, Marathon: 2:56:28

Primary Focus:


Proudest PR:

My 1:21:50 half marathon PR this past April, after I PR'd a marathon, an 8k and a 5k in the preceding 5 weeks.

Favorite Part of Running:

The daily grind and structure required to get better at the sport.

Motivation when Hurting During a Race or Workout:

Until I qualified for Boston, every time I hit a physical or mental wall, I would think of toeing the line at Boston and what it would it take for me to get there. Every mile, pushup, etc. was just another step toward that goal.

Guiding Quote:

“When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical. Is it raining? That doesn't matter. Am I tired? That doesn't matter, either. Then willpower will be no problem." - Emil Zatopek

Mountains or Ocean?:


Tea or Coffee?:


Early Bird or Night Owl?:

Night owl (but trying to change!)

Chocolate or Vanilla?:


Bolded PRs are PRs run while training with DWRunning.