Rene Duquesnoy - DWRunning

DWRunning Tenure:

Joined in February 2015


5k: 22:26, 4M: 31:05, 8k: 39:00, 5M: 39:44, 10k: 48:03, 10M: 1:22:17, Half Marathon: 1:47:07, Marathon: 3:58:30

Primary Focus:

I guess half marathon. I did 7 in 2015.

Running Start:

A friend wanted to run a 5k. I told her I'd do the couch to 5k program. After we completed it, she quit and I signed up for a 10k. I enjoy competing with myself and pushing things. Sometimes that gets me into trouble, but it's worth it.


When I got fit for my first pair of shoes at Universal Sole, I met Jessica Bird (Wallen). She lets me join her for runs, even though she is a great runner. Always encouraging. She inspires me.

Pre-Race Routine:

Everything prepped the night before. Watch a show and go to bed early. When I run with music, the song I play when my corral is about ready to go is Alan Parson's Project - Sirius, the Bulls intro song. Gets me pumped.

Long-Term Running Goals:

50 states half marathon club, 7 continents marathon club, run an ultra. My wife says I like achievements on the Xbox. I guess these are my running achievements I'm gunning for.

Motivation When Hurting During a Race or Workout:

Many things that are mostly games to keep my mind off of things. Trying to pass X number of people. Estimate the distance until the next aid station. Giving names to people as I pass them or they pass me. I also think about becoming a dad in January. Instant excitement!

Favorite Part of Being a DWRunner:

The fact that it is a team of nice and smart people. We are all here for each other. There are no egos. It feels like summer camp, but with adults who run. Dan is our counselor, and he knows what is best.


Mountains or Ocean?:

Ocean.. SCUBA!

Tea or Coffee?:

Tea, of the iced, unsweetened, black variety

Early Bird or Night Owl?:

I'm a gamer, so I'd be a night owl

Chocolate or Vanilla?:



Bolded PRs are PRs run while training with DWRunning.