DWRunning Tenure:

Joined in November 2015


8k: 33:38, Half Marathon: 1:33:08, Marathon: 3:18:10

Primary Focus:


Most Memorable Race:

2009 Houston Marathon - 3:28. First time I broke 3:30. I thought there was no way my legs could run an 8:00 pace for 26.2 The race was a turning point for me to realize the possibilities were endless.

Motivation to Run:

Many reasons. For the challenge of it. I also enjoy running with my best friend. If I am not running with her, I am running with God, just figuring things out. I run pretty early, before the sun comes up usually. In my nutty life, running with the stars and the moon and the quiet - things just make sense.

Favorite Workout:

How many ways can I torture myself? I love/hate hill repeats.

Guiding Quote:

I have a horrible memory so I can never remember the good ones. However, Dan just recently gave me one that I have shared with others and think is pretty cool. "Fast athletes don't chase speed, they let speed come to them." I like that and need to learn to let that happen.

Most Memorable Run:

Running in the woods by my house means I come into contact with all sorts of wildlife. Deer, possums, raccoons, skunks, coyotes. I was running in the woods very early (4:30 a.m.), so it was still quite dark. I had my mind on something else and wasn't paying attention until I just about ran into 2 coyotes standing on the path. One ran to the left and the other to the right. The one to the right let out a throaty growl. I never screamed so loud in my life! I just kept running and screaming! Not my "best" run, but a most memorable one.

Desired Super Power:

The ability to spread peace.


Mountains or Ocean?:

Both. Don't make me choose.

Tea or Coffee?:


Early Bird or Night Owl?:

Early bird

Chocolate or Vanilla?:

Seriously? Chocolate.


Bolded PRs are PRs run while training with DWRunning.

Nadine Scodro - DWRunning