Laura Houghton - DWRunning

DWRunning Tenure:

Joined in June 2019


Marathon: 3:15:12

Primary Focus:


Motivation to Run:

It is my stress relief. When I am not running, I am more irritable. Running gives me the time I need to myself and to sort out whatever it is I have going on at the time.

Proudest Race:

It's hard to say because each training cycle brings about different challenges and new goals. I am most proud of my Detroit Marathon because it gave me a Boston Qualifying time which I had been chasing for awhile. I had attempted to qualify three times prior and finally did in Detroit.

Favorite Place to Run:

It is hard to beat the Chicago Lakefront, maybe I need to get out more.

Pre-Race Meal:

Bagel and peanut butter & bananas and peanut butter. Don't forget the coffee...


Mountains or Ocean?:


Tea or Coffee?:

Coffee for sure

Early Bird or Night Owl?:

Night owl

Chocolate or Vanilla?:


Bolded PRs are PRs run while training with DWRunning.