Dan Kapinus - DWRunning

DWRunning Tenure:

Joined in February 2019


5k: 21:30, 10k: 47:49, 10M: 1:18:53, Half Marathon: 1:31:03, Marathon: 3:20:44

Primary Focus:


Running Start:

I never really ran until I enlisted in the Marine Corps. While in boot camp you constantly had to be on high alert and be focused as you never know when the drill instructor was going to pop up. I learned to go to my happy place and to be able to day dream and just take a mental break while I ran. So I have carried this forward and I can still find my happy place when I run.

Favorite Run Location:

Not being a race, I ran on vacation in Mexico. Running in the forest, with the monkeys in the trees above me was pretty amazing.

Wish-List Race:

Has to be Boston, and I have to earn it (qualify).

Favorite Race:

The Marine Corps Marathon. I kept repeating to myself "Beat the bridge, beat Oprah." I accomplished both!


Mountains or Ocean?:

Definitely the ocean.

Tea or Coffee?:

I typically don't drink either. But I would pick tea if I had to.

Early Bird or Night Owl?:

Early Bird!

Chocolate or Vanilla?:

Vanilla, but not just plain vanilla, French vanilla.

Bolded PRs are PRs run while training with DWRunning.