DWRunning Tenure:

Joined in August 2015


Mile: 4:26, 3k: 9:00, 5k: 15:01, 8k: 24:33, 10k: 32:02, 15k: 50:31, 10M: 52:11, Half Marathon: 1:08:17, Marathon: 2:22:07

Primary Focus:

5k through Half Marathon

Running Start:

My first fall and winter at Michigan State I found myself stuck in IM West lifting weights and running to and from the gym. Not being satisfied physically and my competitive nature wanting more, I joined the Running Club at Michigan State. My first day, I ran my longest run to date of 5 miles, and some 400s after that (at the time I had no idea what 400s really were). Sore and beaten up, I came back the next day, where my longest distance (5 miles from the day before), was erased with a 9 miler. From there I developed a great group of friends and never stopped chasing more miles.

Proudest PR:

My 5k from the Spartan Invite in East Lansing. My coach listed my seed time 20-30 seconds higher than my PR, and my seed time was the slowest in the heat. I was nervous I would be far in last. The gun went off and I positioned to hold on from the back of the pack. I slowly started picking people off and finished in the top half with a 20+ second PR. I learned not to be hindered by past performances and what I believed my limits were, to run in the moment and to reach beyond my current capacity.

Favorite Run Location:

The trails through Boulder, Colorado opened up a whole new environment to this past September. The dirt trails at the reservoir were great for lazy (or fast) runs, with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains including the Flatirons. I also enjoyed running up the many easily accessible mountains such as Bear and Green Mountain. No run is complete in Boulder without an ice bath in a local creek.

"When Not Running, I Can Be Found...":

Wandering Whole Foods with an inappropriate amount of protein bars, sweet potatoes, chicken and greek yogurt.

Favorite Part of Being a DWRunner:

The camaraderie and inspiration I get from DWRunning helps me get in the miles when I am tired. DWRunning never sleeps, the encouragement and passion never ceases.


Mountains or Ocean?:

Mountains, sharks are scary. But I guess so are bears..

Tea or Coffee?:

Coffee. Coach Dan would be appalled to find out how much coffee I drink.

Early Bird or Night Owl?:

Early bird. If I have a reason to wake up, I don't mind being up before the sun.

Chocolate or Vanilla?:


Bolded PRs are PRs run while training with DWRunning