Christian Madridejos - DWRunning

DWRunning Tenure:

Joined in November 2018


Mile: 4:56, 5k: 16:51, 8k: 32:01, 10k: 36:47, 15k: 56:52, 10M: 1:01:18, Half Marathon: 1:19:47, Marathon: 3:01:20

Primary Focus:

5k - Half Marathon 

Proudest Race:

2018 Chicago Marathon. It was my first marathon and the first race where I felt I had to earn my finish since I suddenly cramped up in my quads a little after mile 22 even though I still felt so aerobically strong. Those last 4 or so miles were a battle against strong feelings of disappointment, doubt, and despair, but I ultimately won. I learned so many valuable lessons from the entire experience that will help me not only with running/racing, but with life's challenges.

Pre-Race Meal:

Oatmeal with flavored protein power and peanut butter. It has never done me wrong!

Running Start:

I started running during my junior year of high school by joining the track team due to a knee injury I developed from volleyball. I started off as a sprinter because I was overweight and had very little aerobic development. I lost over 30lbs during track season then joined cross country and track for my senior year where I found success in mid distance races (400m and 800m). I didn't really continue running after I graduated from high school in 2011 until I picked it back up in January 2017 and I've been training seriously ever since!


Mountains or Ocean?:

Mountains. I love hiking and nature.

Tea or Coffee?:

Coffee. More specifically, anything with espresso.

Early Bird or Night Owl?:

Night owl aspiring to become an early bird.

Chocolate or Vanilla?:

Chocolate. Nutella all day!

Bolded PRs are PRs run while training with DWRunning.