Discover the DWRunning Difference




Discover the DWRunning Difference



Being a DWRunner means more than just having a personal coach and a customized training plan. In addition to our knowledge, support and enthusiasm, whether local to Chicago or not, ALL of our athletes are part of the DWRunning team and benefit from the support of all of our partners and other athletes. Our goal is for each DWRunner to be treated like an elite athlete! As a DWRunner, you will receive the following:

After completing a training questionnaire, you and your coach will have a kickoff meeting to discuss your running and athletic history, current state of fitness, and running goals, as well as give you an opportunity to learn more about working with your coach. For those local to the Chicago area, you and your coach will meet in person. For those further away, the conversation will happen via the phone or Skype.

Your training plan will be customized to your exact needs based on your work schedule, personal schedule, fitness level and goals. Your plan will include all running workouts, functional strength workouts, and any cross-training that we deem appropriate. Your coach will build out a road map to make sure you’re hitting major milestones and training stimuli leading up to peak races, but will use your feedback to write each week’s training as it comes.

You can contact your coach at any time for any reason via phone, email or text. Communication is critical to your success and being in constant communication allows your coach to revise training when things don’t go as planned (due to work, health, family, weather) and to make sure that your next workout is the PERFECT workout for you. At the very least, you and your coach will have one call per week to go over the previous week, lay out the week to come and clear up any unresolved questions.

For those local to Chicago, the DWRunning team meets for long runs on most weekends. At these group long runs, our athletes benefit from the teamwork and camaraderie of the group as well as Dan's support on bike in the form of hydration, fuel, direction, motivation and witty banter.

Recovery is THE most under-appreciated tool that you have for improvement. Becoming a better runner means being a 24 hour athlete - I will help you fine-tune your habits to make sure you are maximizing your results!

Before each major race, you and your coach will have a conversation to talk specifics on strategy and logistics to make sure that you are completely prepared. You will then have a post-race discussion as well, to review the race and to discuss what was learned and how to make adjustments for future training and races.

You’ll benefit from support and discounts from all of DWRunning’s amazing industry partners, including a DWRunning racing kit from Under Armour.

The DWRunning team has a private Facebook group where we interact, share stories and recommendations, ask questions and just support each other overall. You’ll be added to the group and will immediately be integrated into the team!


DWRunning's Philosophies

DWRunning's Philosophies

As one of our athletes, your goals are our goals and your success is our success! We are 100% on your journey with you and will do everything we can to help you succeed. For those looking to delve deeper into what working with us looks like, our personal coaching philosophies are as follows:

+ Training SMART is just as important as training hard.
By adding the right elements to your training, at the right time, in an intelligent way, we will be able to help you stay healthy and consistently improve. By stringing weeks, months and years of intelligent training together, you'll be unstoppable!

+ In order to get faster, it's imperative to stay healthy and become a better, stronger athlete.
We're big believers that ALL runners need to perform specific strength exercises that are functional to the running motion. This strength work will increase your athleticism and allow you to absorb more training, maintain composure during races, and most importantly, keep you healthy!

+ Having a base of well-rounded fitness allows for successful, specific training.
Having a well-rounded fitness base is another staple in DWRunning training plans. This means that several months out from a goal race, it is vital to work on ALL elements of your running fitness. We work to improve your speed and muscular endurance, while working in many traditional running elements, in a plan customized to your exact strengths, weaknesses and abilities. This early work not only builds running fitness, but, more importantly, SUPPORTS the training in the months directly preceding your goal race. As your goal race approaches, your training will become increasingly focused on the specific rigors of your goal race!

+ Recovery is CRITICAL to success.
We believe in focusing on a clean diet (comprised of non-processed, natural foods), constant hydration throughout the day and consistent sleep. You are only able to improve as much as you allow your body to recover after major training sessions - we’ll help you hone your recovery efforts!

+ A long-term commitment to fitness produces the best results.
Results don’t come overnight, and trusting in a coach and training philosophy long-term is what enables athletes to make the biggest improvement gains. We work hard to help our athletes improve their running abilities by putting an emphasis on long-term aerobic/muscular development and by always keeping an eye on their speed and full-body strength. We do this through steady, manageable workloads that build upon previous training sessions/cycles and make sense in regards to each athlete’s background and future goals.

+ Training plans aren’t one size fits all.
There are no 'cookie cutters' here! Each athlete’s individual situation is incredibly unique, and while two athletes might be training for the same race with the same goal, there are different routes that will best get each of them there. Similarly, training for the same race two years in a row will require different stimuli to ensure that you are as fit as possible given your current fitness level and situation. Being in constant communication with our athletes and writing them workouts which challenge them but fit within their real world schedules enables them to perform to the best of their abilities.

+ “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
DWRunning operates as a TEAM. Regardless of whether my athletes are local to Chicago or live afar, new to running or dreaming big goals, DWRunners support and encourage each other every step of the way. While each athlete has an individual training plan and goals, we all share the same vision and work hard together. The energy and passion that we have is infectious and the teamwork is felt on long runs and is seen in friendships that are formed and training partners that are gained.

Reach out with any questions, to hear more about our coaching style, to generally talk fitness or to discuss next steps.