Introducing DWRunning Base!

At DWRunning, we recognize that your goals or life situation may change over time. While you initially needed highly customized personal training, at some point you may find (or may have already found) that your situation, motives or finances have changed. Historically, these types of life changes or desires have resulted in a departure from the team, even though they shouldn't.

We value each DWRunner and want to encourage long-term team involvement, regardless of where life takes you. As a result, we are launching DWRunning 'Base', a program that gives you the DWRunning experience without the personalized coaching. The goal of DWRunning Base is to allow athletes to continue as a part of DWRunning without the full cost or commitment that comes with personalized training. DWRunning Base is geared toward those who find themselves needing to step away from personal coaching for the short or long term.

'Base' Program - $200 / calendar year

The 'Base' program is the DWRunning experience without any coaching and includes the following:

  • DWRunning team kit (including ability to buy additional DWRunning team gear at the team discount)
  • Access to all DWRunning team events (including weekly runs, team races, post-race parties, team activities, camps, and more!)
  • Access to all of DWRunning's partners & associated discounts
  • Access to Team Portal and Facebook group

A La Carte Items

  • 3 levels (based on training volume/intensity) of non-customized 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon training plans + four 30 minute calls (scheduled at any point you'd like throughout the year) - $150 (must be a 'Base' athlete to participate)
  • 16 week fully customized training plan (for races of any distances), including a 30 min kickoff call and 30 min mid-plan or pre-race check-in - $200 / plan (must be a 'Base' athlete to participate)
  • Phone session (to talk training, pre-race strategy or whatever else you'd like) - $25 / 30 minutes



Why are you creating DWRunning 'Base'?

Over time, many athletes' situations change, resulting in them no longer pursuing personalized coaching. Historically, moving away from personalized coaching has translated to a full departure from the DWRunning team. However, we truly value the members of this team and want to make sure that the people who make it so great remain a part of DWRunning even if they no longer want or need personalized training. As a result, DWRunning Base was born as a way to encourage continued involvement with DWRunning without the commitment or cost of fully personalized training.

I'm going to step away from coaching for a couple of months after my peak race to take some down time, but I still want to be a part of the team. Do I need to join DWRunning Base?

No, gaps between training cycles do not necessitate switching over to DWRunning Base. The Base program is meant for athletes who are looking to take an indefinite or permanent step away from personalized coaching.

Are there any limitations on who can be a part of DWRunning Base?

DWRunning Base is only available to athletes who have been a part of DWRunning for a minimum of 6 months. This is because longer-term athletes have the background to understand the DWRunning systems, beliefs, and how to properly execute training.

I want to switch from personalized training to DWRunning Base (or vice versa) mid-year, how does that work?

All costs and values associated with DWRunning Base can be prorated based on what point in the year you transition from one program to the other.

Who is writing training plans and handling phone calls for DWRunning Base?

Your regular coach will continue to be your coach for a la carte training plans and phone calls unless you specify otherwise.

If I have an a la carte 16 week custom plan or the non-custom plans, Can my coach help adjust my plan on the fly?

Unfortunately, there will not be ongoing adjustments made to these training plans. DWRunning Base is for people looking to have a less involved coaching experience, unlike the personalized training that we normally offer. In order to not detract from the value of those receiving personalized coaching, it's important for us to make that distinction. Should you need additional advice or adjustments, an a la carte call can be scheduled to tackle any questions you might have.

Will we still have weekly calls?

Unfortunately, on DWRunning Base, weekly calls are not included. Should you wish to discuss training, race strategy, or anything else in detail, we can schedule an a la carte phone conversation.

Can I share the non-custom training plans with my friends and family?

No, non-custom training plans are only for the use of the person purchasing the plans.